Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still Breathing

Almost 600 days since my last post. Whoops. Many trips to LV, AC, and PA have gone undocumented. I met Katie, Dawn Summers, Grange95, and Pkr Dlr. I attended two allvegaspoker meets/poker tournaments. Much water was tread on pokerstars and full tilt. There were definitely bloggable happenings, but most of the time I forgot I had a blog.

Writing has never been one of my favorite activities. I was very happy to take only one semester of freshman english and one technical writing course in college. That being said, I feel like a mooch since I don't contribute anything (but my chips) back to the poker blog community. Therefore, I will try to occasionally put up an informative post here in the future. I cannot write entertaining, funny stories about my poker travels like Dawn Summers and Grange95. It amazes me how many details go into their trip reports. I can't remember this morning like that. While I will post the occasional trip report, I plan to focus more on amusing incidents, restaurant reviews, LV/AC/PA tips, and Harrah's hotels tips.

I have noticed that a majority of the poker bloggers I regularly read are/were lawyers or have at least filed a legal brief. I don't think that is some kind of sampling bias, but can be attributed to law requiring a lot of writing and intelligence. I actually flirted with law school when I was miserable in my first couple of jobs out of school. Figured if I was going to be miserable working, I might as well make good money. Got as far as taking the LSAT tired and hungover on a Saturday morning. Ended up heading off to grad school instead of applying to any law schools. Who knows; I might have been a better blogger if I had spent three years practicing logic and writing.

For anyone reading this: thank you. I am impressed. I assume, like me, that you do not do regular housekeeping on your RSS subscriptions :)

P.S. Does one post in 2010 qualify my as a poker blogger? I had planned to attend WPBT Winter Classic 2010. It's a moot point anyway. My non-poker hobby is shooting darts. My team made championships, which unfortunately take place December 11. Lame. If something happens to change that before then, you may see me at the Geisha Bar bitching about high last minute fares.

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