Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AC Trip Report 3/28-3/29/09

Went up to AC to get the rest of my hours for the Harrah's WSOP Freeroll. Since I only needed six hours I did not kill myself trying to maximize hours.

Catch the 9:37 train from New Carrollton to Philadelphia and then the noon train to AC. By the time I check-in and unpack it's time to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner. Just missed the lunch prices at the buffet so was stuck paying the $30 dinner price...of course it was still free due to the $50 Royal bonus from the week before. This was an impressive buffet. I'm a sucker for buffets and really enjoy the Bellagio and Planet Hollywood buffets in Vegas, and this one is just a step below those two. That means it is very good. Peel and eat shrimp and crab legs get close to justifying the high cost, but I made sure to eat $30 worth of food anyway :) This made me very tired the rest of the day, but I did not have to eat again.

Finally make it to the tables at 16:00. Nothing too exciting happened. Had to re-up the stack a few times early in the session, but managed to cash out $18 up. Ordered a Jameson in a glass no rocks and waitress brought about four shots of whiskey in a soda glass. I just looked at the table and told everyone to tip the waitress for bringing me so much alcohol. I really cannot recall any hands from this session, but I did cross the 150 hour threshold during it.

Wake up and kill a little time before the buffet opens. Figure I can eat once at 9:00 and make it until evening without eating. Breakfast buffet same quality as the week before, and I am fueled up for the day. Leisurely washup and packup, and hit the tables at noon. Open a new table with a few familiar faces but I don't see a flop for three orbits (and I started the table with the button). Just J-4, T-3, etc. for an hour straight. Fairly active table with quite a few all-ins during this time. Hand of the day: limped around to my BB and I see AQ. I just check since there probably would have been callers to a raise and no one will put me on such a good hand if it hits. Flop is QcQhJh rainbow so I check since I have like a million bettors behind me. UTG bets $7, one caller, and then I pop it to $30. UTG thinks and thinks and calls, other player drops out. Turn: As. Sometimes I have so much skill at this game :) I check and UTG goes all-in. Well, unless he uber-slowplayed AA I am golden, so I call. UTG flips over KhTh for a flopped open-ended straight flush draw...unfortunately for him his straight came. Dodge the 9h/Ah on river to take down the pot.

Nothing really exciting happened after that. At the 18:00 dealer change Candace comes to the table for the first time in a couple of weekends. She is one of my favorite dealers. Bad beat: the table breaks before she deals a hand. Get to a new table, mark my spot, and go to the food court to have some pizza before leaving. Trip home very smooth this time: NJ Transit got in a little early, Amtrak got the PHL a little late so I easily get the early train. Home by midnight and finished a little up for the trip (as long as I don't factor in hotel and travel costs).

Check the Harrah's site on Monday and notice that Friday night is free..uh-oh, another trip report next week???